Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Travel Day

I (David) am writing this on the plane from YVR to PEK.

Our day started relatively early and hectic after a late night packing and prepping. I had a major freak-out with only a few minutes until time to leave for the airport when I couldn't find my wallet. I never lose my wallet. Not that I really needed it since my passport and cash (lots of it!) were safe and sound and Amy has duplicates of our credit and cash cards. But it was still a BAD THING, a major hassle, not a good way to start a trip, and I would have to spend my airport time calling to cancel the cards and begin the replacement process...ugh!

Anyway, as I loaded the car, I noticed a little lump in the side mesh pocket of my small bag and, sure enough, found it. [sigh of relief.] Apparently I had the foresight to pre-pack it the night before but had forgotten - I'll blame that on a couple of glasses of wine and a scotch earlier in the evening.

We hopped a short flight up to Vancouver from Sea-Tac on a regional prop plane. Interestingly, I had another minor heart attack when I snapped a photo of Amy out on the tarmac and a security personnel demanded to confiscate my phone because he might be in the image. In retrospect, it seems kind of suspicious of him to make such a demand. He didn't mention security concerns (which is the interpretation I had immediately) but rather was concerned about his image on my camera. I don't recall seeing any signs restricting photography but, honestly, I wasn't paying that close attention to the routine trivia of boarding/security. Luckily, he was satisfied to watch me delete the photos in front of him and we were on our way with all our belongings.

As if it couldn't get any worse, Air Canada employees were on strike by the time we landed in Vancouver. As a result, our flight was delayed by 4 hours, extending our three hour layover to seven. (At least they were still flying!) What fun! All day in an airport terminal. By the time we were getting close to boarding, it was starting to feel like that Tom Hanks movie...

11 hour redeye that arrives the following evening (it's a time zone/date line thing) - good thing we rented a couple of movies for the flight.

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